Use Your Computer Before Shopping for Cars for Sale

Cars for Sale

One of the best ways to secure the best deal on the thousands of cars for sale across the United States is a technique that few know about and even fewer follow. Visiting a dealer gives them the advantage over you, as you are limited to their inventory alone. Using your computer can save you time and money.

By getting prices from several car dealerships, you give them the chance to compete for your business. Here’s how:

  • Choose several of the free websites available where you can enter the kind of vehicle you want. A goal of 5-7 different dealer quotes gives you a reasonable number to consider. Dealers usually send a reply within 24 hours, although responses are typically vague. Compare prices between dealers.
  • Email the 2 dealers with the most expensive quotes. Ask them if they can beat their price. Wait for a response. It generally takes another 24 hours. Continue with your next 2 dealers, and so on.
  • When you find a price that will work for you, request that the dealer email you the VIN number, total of all taxes and fees, MSRP and the final FINAL price to have the information in writing.
  • Confirm the offer and schedule an appointment to meet with the sales person. Be sure to bring the dealer’s email with you when you visit the dealership so you can ensure that you are getting what was agreed upon during your correspondence.

Utilizing the services of can narrow your search before you even begin. We have done the challenging work for you of selecting reliable dealerships before you begin shopping for cars for sale.