Tips for College Students Buying from Used Car Dealers in Oregon

Tips for College Students Buying from Used Car Dealers in Oregon

Are you a college student or have a soon-to-be college student looking to buy from reliable used car dealers in Oregon? Best 100 Dealers can help you keep track of the best pre-owned car dealers around. We want to help our customers stay informed about where they can get a good deal all over the country, because getting a low mileage, high-performance pre-owned vehicle shouldn’t break the bank.

Here are some tips for college students looking to get the best deal on their used vehicle:

Buy a model older than 3 years

A car’s value significantly depreciates after the 3-year mark. Do some research, and you can find an excellent deal without having to go for a vehicle that is too old or too high-mileage. Car insurance also costs significantly lower with a used vehicle, keeping your overall costs low.

Buy from a reliable dealer

While buying directly from the owner can sometimes net you an incredible deal, it can also mean very costly repairs later on. With an auto dealer, buyers get a lot of security, because you can get certified pre-owned vehicles with fewer defects, and dealers are subject to implied warranty legislation. Dealers also let you trade in your old car, so if you need to trade in, be sure to look up your car’s Blue Book value. There are also many dealers that offer financing on-site, which means more flexibility and even special rates and options for first-time buyers.

Pay in cash

Whenever you can, try to pay cash upfront for whatever car you want to buy. Financing ultimately means spending more money because of interest and other factors like your credit history. If you can afford to pay cash, you’re sure to get a better deal. Do some research, and you can even find strategies for saving up so you can buy a pre-owned vehicle in cash. If you have family members that can help you, talk with them about getting a low-interest loan that you can pay back.

Best 100 Dealers wants to help you stay in the know about the best available used car dealers in Oregon for your needs. Whether you are a college student looking for a pre-owned vehicle or you have a son or daughter who’s in college and needs a good deal, we want to help you stay up-to-date on the best pre-owned dealerships in the country. More information about the services that we offer, or about the cars on our site, give us a call today at (888) 226-3710.