The Appeal of New vs. Used Cars for Sale

Cars for Sale

If you are in the market for a vehicle, one of the first decisions you will make is whether to buy from the huge selection of new or used cars for sale. Both types of autos have their appeal.

Pre-owned vehicles are great for those who have a strict budget. You get more car for the money and can spend considerably less than new. Buying a used auto that is several years old can give you more amenities for the price. On the downside, you really have no idea about who owned the car prior to your purchase and how they cared for it. The potential is there for more maintenance than you would spend on a new one. Depending on the age of the auto, there may be some time left on the vehicle warranty that is transferrable to you. Certified pre-owned vehicles are an excellent choice, since you pay much less for a used yet high-quality make and model.

On the other hand, a shiny new car is often a status symbol and offers a sense of pride when you drive down the road. There is less maintenance required and warranties often cover at least 3 years or so. Powertrain warranties may even extend to 10k miles. There is a definite “peace of mind” aspect in buying a new car, as you know that if something should happen to go wrong, it will not cost you a fortune to repair. There is also typically an option for free roadside assistance while the auto is under warranty.

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