New or Used Cars for Sale?

Used CarsIf you currently want or are  need a vehicle, your first decision will be to determine if you will buy from the massive selection of new or pre-owned cars for sale that are available on virtually every street corner. Both kinds of autos have unique appeal.

Pre-owned cars are perfect for individuals on a tight budget. You are able to get more car for your money and will spend significantly less than if you purchase new. Buying a used auto with a few years on it offers more features for the price. One drawback is that you do not know who owned the car before your purchase and how they took care of it. The possibility is there for extra maintenance than would be required on a new one. Depending on how old the car is, there may be time left on the vehicle warranty that can be transferred to you. Certified pre-owned vehicles are a great choice, since you pay less for a used yet first-rate make and model.

Conversely, a gleaming new auto is viewed as a status symbol and offers a sense of pride when you buckle in. There is much less maintenance required and warranties usually cover about 3 years. Powertrain warranties may even go to 10k miles. There is a definite calmness factor in buying a new car, since you know that if something goes wrong, it will not be expensive to repair. Roadside assistance is also usually an option while the car is under warranty.

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