How to Shop at the Best Used Car Dealers

How to Shop at the Best Used Car DealersIs it time to buy a car? You probably know that there is usually a right and a wrong way to go about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Your first step is to find one of the best used car dealers in the area. Ask around for recommendations from friends and family, visit a few, and look online.

Your next steps are:

  • Determining a budget that includes your current bills, vehicle cost, fuel, insurance, repair, maintenance fees, and financing.
  • Deciding exactly what you would like to have in a vehicle. Think about the passenger room, size, fuel economy, cargo room, etc. Find two to three cars that meet these criteria and research them.
  • Look at the value of your choices on KBB (Kelley Blue Book) and view comparable prices at dealers nearby.
  • When you go to a dealership, ask for a copy of the vehicle history report on the auto that interests you and then look it over carefully.
  • Inspect everything about the car. This includes the body, the trunk/bed, the undercarriage, tires, under the hood, etc. An inspection by a mechanic of your choice can be quite helpful if you can afford this option.
  • Conduct a test drive in a variety of road conditions – the interstate, in a neighborhood, the city, in inclement weather, heavy traffic, etc. to discover how the vehicle handles and to learn if you are comfortable driving it.
  • Try to negotiate the price (and financing) with the sales staff at the dealership. Your online research about pricing can help you in this area.

For guidance about the best used car dealers close to you, contact Best 100 Dealers. We’ve made shopping for a pre-owned vehicle more comfortable than ever before!