Find Year-End Deals Now at the Best Car Dealerships

Best Car Dealerships

It is the much-anticipated time for year-end clearance on 2017 model vehicles. Dealers are hard at work depleting their inventories to the benefit of buyers, as rebates and attractive financing packages are being advertised across the nation. All of the best car dealerships are looking to hit their sales targets for the end of the year and grab manufacturers’ incentives.

New car sales have been brisk this year but there is still an excellent opportunity to acquire a great deal on 2017 cars before the 2018s hit the lots. If you have one or two models that interest you, it is a good idea to do a little research online prior to visiting a dealer. KBB or Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds can offer valuable information about the cars in question and what a “fair” price will be. Then, compare prices at your local dealerships to see who offers the best price and motivations for buyers. Recommendations about vehicles and dealers can also come from friends and relatives who have made a purchase within the past several months.

A little prior planning can save you money and time trekking to different dealers that are not worth the visit. Take advantage of the internet to do a little of the footwork for you.

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