Auto-Buying Tips at the Best Used Car Dealers

Best Used Car Dealers

Are you nervous about buying a new vehicle? The process does not have to be complicated or nerve-wracking, if you prepare a little in advance. There are a lot of great ways to ensure that you get the most affordable yet classy auto from one of the best used car dealers in your area.

Pre-shopping via the internet gives you valuable information before even stepping foot on the dealership lot. You can find out about the MSRP, options and features about any new car and look over customer reviews to learn about how a vehicle performs.

When you actually visit the dealer, there are a few things that you should know to ensure that you leave with a reliable vehicle at an affordable price:

  • Focus on the purchase price and do not discuss monthly payments.
  • Wait to mention that you have a trade-in.
  • Consider selling your trade-in vehicle yourself, as you will likely get more money for it than the dealer will give you.
  • Do not mention any prior repos or that your credit is not favorable.
  • Do not appear desperate to buy a car but you can tell the sales person that you want to make a purchase within the next several days.
  • Get pre-approved for financing before visiting the dealer but do not necessarily bring that up at the beginning of your negotiation.
  • Know dealer incentives in advance and utilize a payment calculator online to determine how much vehicle you can afford for the money you must spend.
  • If you plan to pay in cash, do not mention that up front.
  • Competition between dealerships is fierce so it is ok to tell the sales person that you have been to other dealers, as this could work in your favor.

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