9 Tips for Dealing with the Best New Car Dealers

9 Tips for Dealing with the Best New Car DealersWhen you decide that it’s time to buy a brand-new vehicle, there are several things to think about before you begin your car-buying journey. You must choose a particular make and model, a trustworthy dealer, have money in hand for a sufficient down payment and determine how you will pay for the auto – whether in cash, with financing or a combination. The sales team at the best new car dealers will assist you through the entire process and help it proceed smoothly.

Follow these nine tips to make sure you get a good deal on a great new vehicle:

1. Sales events that are announced via direct mail typically only benefit the dealer. Shop at another time.
2. Look over and test drive a variety of cars.
3. Before talking about financing or your trade-in, negotiate the price of the vehicle you want. Monthly payments shouldn’t enter the conversation.
4. If you don’t want any extra features, don’t get them. You are not obligated to purchase them.
5. Autos with a reliable history do not need extended warranties.
6. Read the contract carefully to be sure you understand everything it says and that you aren’t charged for something extra.
7. Pay the down payment with a credit card rather than cash to safeguard your investment.
8. Finish all paperwork before you leave the dealership.
9. If repairs are required or accessories need to be installed, you can leave the car at the dealer and pick up the vehicle when work is complete.

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