5 Tips to Narrow Your Search for the Best Auto Dealerships Near You

Best Auto Dealerships

It would be much simpler to purchase a used vehicle if we knew instinctively which dealers would be honest and reliable. Unfortunately, most of us do not have this inside information. There are some guidelines that you can follow to help you narrow your search for the best auto dealerships in your area. Consider the following:

  1. For a comprehensive listing of pre-owned car dealers near you, initiate an online search. Limit your options by scanning the sites for details about each dealer, where they are located and what they have to offer in terms of selection and financing.
  2. If you know the make and model car you want to buy and note that several dealers have it, get a quote from each one and compare prices. Use this info as a negotiating tool.
  3. Take advantage of recommendations about dealerships from your circle of friends and relatives.  They are usually eager to let you know about their experiences.
  4. If you have a “funny feeling” about a particular dealer, it is best to go elsewhere. For verification of a dealer’s legal status, you can check with your community registrar.
  5. Visit several dealers and peruse the showroom. Ask questions of the sales personnel to get an idea of the dealership’s business practices.

Taking a little time for some advance research about both potential vehicles and car dealers can save you time and money. The best auto dealerships are proud of their record of sales and service and will be willing to truthfully answer your questions. Contact Best 100 Dealers at (888)226-3710 to save even more time locating prospective dealerships in your city.