10 Tips for Buying Premium Used Cars

More people than ever before are buying used cars rather than new ones. Considerations such as new vehicle cost and lightning-fast depreciation make buying pre-owned worthwhile. A used auto investment is a smart move, but buyers need to evaluate their choices closely to be certain of a great deal. 

Ensure that the vehicle that you want to purchase is solid and will last by keeping these 10 tips in mind:

  1. Test drive the vehicle in the city, on the highway and local roads to see how it performs in different road conditions and situations. Listen for unusual sounds and observe how the car “feels” as you drive it.
  2. Closely examine both the inside and outside of the car. Condition is important, but a few dents should not be a deal-breaker. Seeing rust is not a good sign.
  3. Look under the vehicle after your test drive to see if there are any obvious leaks.
  4. Look up the make and model you are reviewing to see what the manufacturer and consumers say about it.
  5. Compare the listed price with the KBB (Kelley Blue Book) price to see if they gel.
  6. It is well worth the cost to have an independent mechanic inspect the vehicle. This can save you valuable time and money in years to come.
  7. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle often comes with extended warranties.
  8. The best car-buying decisions are not made too quickly. Take time to do a little research.
  9. Check to be sure that the car’s VIN or vehicle identification number matches the title and records.
  10. Complete a vehicle history report to reveal any issues of which you may not be aware, like a previous crash and prior owner(s).

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